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About e-Kilimo

e-Kilimo is a startup accelerator leveraging on the digital tools and technology advancement to accelerate the growth of ideas and startups that can create an impact in the food and agriculture sector. The accelerator is aiming at supporting early-stage ideas and startups in the sector through mentoring, technical support and seed funds.

Do You Have Agritech Ideas (Projects) In These Areas?

Precision Farming and Automation Technologies.

Technologies that enhances precision farming and efficiency; Drones, Drip Systems, mAgri Solutions, Smart Sensors and 3D Printing. Priority will be given to solutions that generates data, interconnect devices (IoT) and automate systems (robots).

Agri-Fintech and e-Commerce Technologies.

Technologies that promotes farmers financial inclusion and provides them with opportunity to trade digitally; credit scoring systems, e-commerce and exchange platforms, access to loans, management of savings groups and collective accounts.

Agrotech Systems Enhancing Security and Productivity.

Alert Systems; technologies that alerts farmers on new disasters for example new species of insects affecting her crops. Supply chain management, technologies that improve logistical challenges to the farmer and shared resources e.g uber for tractors etc.

Urban Farming and Post Harvest Technologies.

Digitized solutions for storage and packaging that helps farmers to manage their farm produce after the harvesting process. Also, new innovative approaches for urban farming adopting technology and automation in the process.

Funding Options.

e-Kilimo offers funding support to Agritech Startups at two stages of the programme;

Phase One | Startups that successful qualifies for the acceleration (validation) phase, 8 startups gets a chance of receiving $1000.

Phase Two | Startups that successful qualifies for the post acceleration phase, 4 startups receives $5000 for further support of their innovations.

The Application Window is Closed

Just Start


To 8 AgriTech Startups.

  • Strong | Idea.
  • Good | Team.
  • Clear | Business Model.
  • Addressing | Real Problem.

Test and Scale


To 4 AgriTech Startups.

  • Existing | Product.
  • Generating | Revenue.
  • Adopting | Technology.
  • Clear | Scaling Plans.

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